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A very special instrument is leaving my workshop.

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Instruments for sale.

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...restoring historical brass instruments requires the combination of a multitude of manufacturing techniques, construction methods and mechanical systems. I believe that these all bring up ethical questions about the work done on the instruments....


February 2017

inspired from an old Raoux-Millereau catalog I built a Sauterell for an original Courtois Neuve Ainé

Mikrotonales Horn von C.F.Schmidt

A very special instrument is leaving my workshop.

4 instruments for sale

Cor Sauterelle Raoux

Halari-F. Sudre

transformed Piston horn with crooks in F,E-flat and B-flat alto

Couesnon-piston horn with F-crook

German E-flat rotary valve horn, Hess Klingenthal


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